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3 Projects
  • Transfer of technology for polyurethane coating for all types of wheels

    Posted 2019-04-22 3 Bids 8,300 $

    One of the requirements of the company is the creation of a coating with a certain elasticity on the wheels of its own products (such as types of operators). For this purpose, it uses polyurethane coatings. The hardness of this coating is such that it does not damage the surface of the main part (such as the reservoir). The lack of access to the polyurethane production technology with the expected hardship has enabled the company to outsource its own needs. However, due to the variety of components needed for this coating, as well as the low number of requirements, each of them has increased the time to order and supply as well as its production costs. For this reason, it is necessary to achieve the transfer of the technology of making this product (polyurethane). If the wheel surface is not used with its polyurethane coating, it will cause scratches and physical damage on the surface of the reservoir.

  • LPP Global Universal Pump,unique and without competition

    Posted 2018-08-13 7 Bids 7,500 $

    In 2017 I decided to build a solution to this problem ourselves and came up with the idea of ​​fully exploiting the energy efficiency of the pump my Father invented and offering the market a general-purpose pump, especially in emergencies like basement floods or Fire, it can be very useful to victims to reduce or avoid major damage in advance, as it usually takes some time to get the fire brigade or other help on the scene. Our reason for embarking on this project is simple: it is frustrating that there are no tools on the market that allows without power grid or use of fuel-powered engines, to take immediate countermeasures in the event of an outbreaking fire or the flooding of a basement.

  • DIY portable soldering iron KIT

    Posted 2018-07-30 2 Bids 3,200 $

    Thank you! First of all, I need the goal of 15000 because otherwise this is not profitable. The parts for each kit cost around 17 euros. Shipping is very expensive going from 13 to 22 euros for some countries. So, for a kit of 45 euros the earnings are low. I've been working on this board for more than a year and made a few versions and tests till the PCB worked without problems. The idea of this project is to have the board and the components and following my videos and guides, mount your own soldering iron. By that you will learn all the processes from schematic to layout to PCB manufacture, then soldering SMD and through hole components, bootloader burn, Arduino coding, PID, temperature control and much more.

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