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  • Renovation Projects Investment Opportunity

    Posted 2019-09-04 3 Bids Negotiable $ 130

    I. Renovation Company XXX

    1. Renovation Company XXX Ltd. is a company operating on the real estate market.
    2. Our core business is purchasing of apartments, renovation and sale.
    3. The area of ​​our activity is Warsaw.
    4. We focus on the central districts of Warsaw ...

    5. Joint Venture partner for formation of trade guarantee

      Posted 2019-09-01 3 Bids Negotiable $ 106

      Back ground: 

      A Confirmation Guarantee Facility is a line of credit for providing guarantees in favour of trusted trade partners. 

      This guarantee applies to other trade finance instruments such as bills of exchange accepted by ME issuing banks, ...

    6. Test title for English

      Posted 2019-08-31 3 Bids 200000 $ 145

      Test desc for exactly English

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