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6 Projects
  • Makerarm-The first robotic arm that makes anything, anywhere

    Posted 2018-07-25 3 Bids 9,000 $

    As makers, we have ideas all the time––to improve things, to make our lives better. But to make our ideas happen, we need access to tons of machines, materials, and tools that are too expensive. That’s why we created Makerarm: a complete digital fabrication system packed into an affordable robotic arm that makes just about anything, anywhere.

  • Surplus chemicals, buyer of surplus chemicals

    Posted 2018-07-15 3 Bids 7,800 $

    Pishgaman Trading Co. is prepared to purchase various types of surplus chemicals, factories and stokes in the form of liquid powder of various types of solvents, various types of chemical devices, laboratory glassware and various types of petrochemical transfer of various imported chemicals.

  • Sale of Permanent Private Electricity Power Plant

    Posted 2018-07-07 2 Bids 9,500 $

    The most profitable investment in Iran, the minimum required capital: one billion USD for the sale of permanent private electric power plant for gas, universal brands, zero-rated, small scale CHP, with a guaranteed power purchase contract, warranty and after-sales service, installation location Setting up: Any city that the investor would like. Monthly net profit will be more expensive every year, without calculating the value added of heat and refrigeration for 21 years. As a result, monthly profit increases each year. Price of the power plant + installation, commissioning and operation + all permits and approvals + connection to the national network = the cheapest in Iran. Other advantages of these private power plants include the high quality of power generation, easy transportation and handling, the simultaneous production of electricity, heat and cold, the short-term construction period (4 to 6 months), energy supply with a high protective coefficient, reduction of environmental pollutants The environment and timely payment by the Ministry of Energy for the lack of operational capability was mentioned.

  • Concrete Additives

    Posted 2018-07-06 3 Bids 6,900 $

    Concrete additions in the company Nawin Thermo Abadgaran - Concrete supplement - Concrete supplement - Concrete lubricant - Concrete freeze concrete - Grit - Waterproofing - Reinforcement - Concrete restoration and retrofitting - Coatings - Concrete retaining systems - Colors and coatings - Tiling - Sealing - Concrete Oil - Protective Chemical Protective System Sales Manager: Morteza Norouzi

  • Manufacture and installation of steel deck

    Posted 2018-06-15 5 Bids 4,500 $

    Mahta Asa Co. is an active group in the field of consulting, designing and manufacturing of all types of ceiling and wall paneling panels with polyurethane foam as Containius with metal coating (Galvanized Sheets - Aluminum, Aluminum, PVC). Also, a manufacturer of bolts and nuts and wicker closures covering sandwich panels with polyurethane foam and office and workshop closets for the use of workshop equipments, sanitary and bathroom sanitary facilities, and ... as well as the construction of prefabricated structures A panel is set up to complete its product basket for the production of steel deck compound ceilings.

  • Automatic car wash factory

    Posted 2018-06-11 1 Bids 6,999 $

    - Washing machine in automatic car was far faster and more quality. In today's world, time is one of the most important factors in life, and with the advancement of the life of another apartment, it is neither time nor time to wash and clean a personal car. Initiative And the production of an automatic car wash that can wash the machine and shampoo in just 5 minutes, and also polish (waxing, gloss, and watering the surface and the body of the car), to wash and dry time and money. It is worth noting that your investment, unlike hand-held wagons, will eventually return to within 6 months because of the need for The less water, electricity and materials needed, and most importantly, much less time to wash the car, making it more customer satisfaction and more.

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