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5 Projects
  • Short term Investment on PolyStyrene Yran

    Posted 2019-06-04 3 Bids 30000000000 $

    We have a sales contract to produce 100 tons of polyester thread a month With the terms of payment before delivery (in the customs warehouse), we will discharge ourselves

  • Multiforming with spring steel

    Posted 2019-05-11 3 Bids 6,700 $

    We need to develope a Feasibility study to be offered to an international partner. Due to the production of a variety of products in the company as well as products under construction that will be introduced in the future, and the need for sales and revenue generation for the company is a critical need for the investor.

  • Calibration gas emissions at high precision ppb and ppm range

    Posted 2019-05-03 1 Bids 9,000 $

    Calibration gases are used to calibrate portable and online analyzers and detectors. The vast majority of these gases in the range of ppb, high precision ppm, with specific technologies in production, as well as highly precise analyzers, are introduced to measure their analysis from abroad. Due to the sanctions, on the one hand, and the rise in the price of the currency, on the other hand, they are facing difficulties. Also, due to the average time of 6-18 months, the calibration gases are self-timing and the long time the calibration gases are imported from abroad The expiration country has a history of sustainability in some cases and a limitation on the use of time in other cases.

  • Improvement of the performance of the blower fan engine and generator types

    Posted 2019-04-27 7 Bids 5,999 $

    The engine heater is the most important component of the engine and will play a major role in reducing the time of engine overhauls and preventing the entry of dust and particulates into the engine. High levels of particulate matter in the filter outlet in the engine part The existing filters reduce the time required for major engine repairs and reduce engine efficiency, due to the fact that it is not possible to supply these filters from abroad due to its high cost, the acquisition of the technology of fabricating and sealing these filters in order The main task is to increase the adhesion at the beginning and the end of this The type of filters is fixed to the engine parts

  • Optimize the performance of the Roper Bulldozer Nail

    Posted 2019-04-24 3 Bids 7,200 $

    During the work with a bulldozer, a retractor is used to create a groove, rock displacement, and hard materials to create a canal. The reaper is used as a functional component and, as a result of additional load or pressure to the wearer's rupture body, or Fracture or bending.

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